Ring Of Fire Full Story Zeeworld

Ring Of Fire Full Story Zeeworld
Ring Of Fire Full Story Zeeworld

Ring Of Fire Full Story Zeeworld: Anurag, the most qualified scholar in the city was arrested in a shootout of two marriage proposals: Ragini who was brave and virtuous Shriti, which will end up as a bride?

Anurag Singh is a graduate of the MBA who has returned to his hometown in Bihar after completing his studies in London. The Anurag family arranged his marriage to Srishti law students who were traditional girls who spoke softly. Hard and thick mouth, Ragini Singh has grown spoiled and likes Anurag. On the wedding day of Anurag and Srishti, Ragini’s father forced Anurag to marry Ragini to fulfill his wishes. To save him and the Anurag family from humiliation, Srishti married the younger brother of Anurag Vishu who was mentally challenged.

Mrs. Anurag, Revati, Goonish Ragini’s behavioral disapproval and plans to separate Ragini and Anurag. Meanwhile, Vishu and Srishti attacked friendship.

A Hitman tried to kill Srishti on several occasions. On their honeymoon, Vishu faced the killer and died after falling from the cliff. His body never recovered. Ragini finally went to his father’s house, sad about a wedding without love with Anurag.

Vikraal, Ragini’s father, decided to marry someone else, but the changing Anurag decided to win it. They are united and Ragini became pregnant. Tensions rose between couples when Ragini joined his father’s political work. When he fell and did not experience partner miscarriages and decided to understand each other better and start again.

Baiz (Ayaz Ahmed), a Goon, who has been slapped by Srishti for his bad behavior, began to chase him and create a situation where he was forced to marry him. He tortured him and sold it to a brothel until his mother told him about Srishti saved his life. Baiju has a change of heart and develops feelings for Srishti which also gradually comes to meet him as a friend.

Srishti then met with the view of Vishu, Dj Shanky, who he found actually Vishu who lost his memory. He brought him back to the Singh family where Revati wants Vishu and Srishti to reunite. Revati tried to manipulate Baiju who was jealously emotionally to let Srishti go but Srishti toppled the truth and expressed his love for Baiju disappointing Vishu.

After a series of events, Baiju was involved in drug cases and Ragini went to try and prove his innocence. However, Baiju was killed and Ragini was sent to prison for his murder. The Singh family did not believe him and when he gave a princess in prison, he asked for criminals to tell his daughter that his mother was innocent and to tell Singh that the baby was born dead. Ragini wrote a letter to Srishti who explained the innocence and death of Baiju and Srishti who were angry facing the real killer, Vishu, and killed him. He died to deliver his daughter who was taken to the Singh family.

20 years later
The event follows the stories of Agni, Putri Ragini and Anurag and Sakshi, Princess Srishti, and Baiju. While Sakshi grew in a loving Singh family and became a doctor, Agni had been raised in a foster house and became a police inspector.

Then they found that Sakshi was not a doctor. Agni fell in love with Kishan and revenge from Agni, Sakshi married Krishan. Then fall in love with him. Sakshi changed towards his sister Agni and became a friend. Agni and Kishan will get married when Agni discovers that Sakshi’s sister actually fell in love with Kishan and Agni married Sameer Kishan’s brother and lived in the same house to let Sakshi live with Kishan.


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