Strange Love Full Story Starlife

Strange Love Full Story Starlife
Strange Love Full Story Starlife

Strange Love Full Story Starlife is the story of Shlok, which is full of problems from his past experience which forms his arrogant personality that contributes to his actions. On the other hand, Aastha, a woman who lives and cheerfully meets Shlok who is angry with the nature of Aastha. Shlok shows false love and marries Aastha, mainly driven by the desire to take revenge for his insults and his family.


Strange Love Complete Story, Plot
Strange love is the story of Aastha is a cheerful, crowded, vibrant, and charming woman who appreciates relationships and supporting equality. Instead, Shlok is an arrogant person, automatic ordering, business-minded believing in wealth more than relations. He had a miserable past which finally took him to his arrogance.

Shlok is informed about the possibility of fraud that occurs in a university institution. He suspended a boy but drove the girl. Then, Agnihotri was invited to the award for recognizing their reputation in the education industry for their business. Aastha knows that Shlok has made injustice to the girl. On the show, he questioned Shlok about his negligence after it was recorded directly and was exposed to the public. Public label Shlok and his family as a supporter of inequality that leads to their business are raided. Shlok mistakenly believes that Aastha is responsible for consistent insults from their families, in particular their father, and decides to take revenge.

Shlok shows false love to Aastha and marries him for a false reason. On the night of their Suhag, Shlok broke Aastha’s wedding necklace and revealed to him that he never loved him and that he only married him for revenge, leaving Aastha broken-hearted. Shlok angrily told Aastha that he showed false love to take revenge for his insults and his father. He went as far as threatening him that if he revealed this to anyone, he would frame his father in a corruption case. Meanwhile, Anjali wanted Aastha to adapt perfectly to the tradition of Agnihotri. Varad sets honeymoon for Shlok and Aastha. Despite Aastha’s efforts to cancel her honeymoon, Shlok and Aastha left. On the way to their honeymoon, Aastha fled and lost in the forest. While looking for Aastha, Shlok met him and they both spent “honeymoon” planned in the forest while trying to find a way out.

Aastha knew that her father, Avdhoot, was in prison. He assumed that Shlok sent him to prison and dropped his anger at him. Shlok in return. Trying to prove his innocence that he did not send him to prison. Disappointed, Aastha revealed the truth to her family and Agnihotri from her marriage and planned revenge on Shlok; They were surprised. Kalindi wants Aastha to file a divorce. At the first court, Aastha was ordered by the court to stay with Shlok for 6 months. For 6 months, Aastha found a sad Shlok past; Where Shlok is actually an innocent and good person. Aastha learned that Shlok fell in love with this girl named Swati and that their separation caused hatred of women. Shown that Niranjan ordered Anjali to hate Swati, only because he opposed Agnihotri’s tradition which eventually led to the separation of Shlok, where Shlok blamed Anjali, leaving him wholeheartedly. While trying to restore the true Shlok personality, Aastha fell in love with Shlok and claimed her love for her.

Aditi, who was the daughter of a close friend of Niranjan, arrived at the Agnihotri mansion and acted as a cheater to separate Shlok and Aastha. Aditi tried to kill Aastha several times but she was saved by Shlok. Aditi kidnapped Aastha but Shlok saved him the same as Aditi will shoot him. It was revealed that Aditi was a Swati sister and its main motive was to kill Aastha so that Shlok suffered. Aditi believes that Shlok is a reason for deteriorating Swati health. Shlok was surprised to see Swati who immediately died. Shlok realized his love for Aastha and claimed her love for her. They both squirt their marriage. At the end of 6 months, Shlok and Aastha both stated that they did not want to divorce each other.

Sister Shlok, Jyoti, fled her in-laws who were misogynists after they wanted an abortion for the third time for her unborn baby girl. When he escaped, he met Siddharth who was charming who happened to be Astha, the cousin. Not aware of the situation Jyoti, Siddharth took care of him. He sent him to Kalindi’s house surprised to see it. Jyoti explained everything to Kalindi. Abhay and Sulbha made plans to notify the Agnihotri family and made them believe that they were innocent and that Jyoti escaped. Siddharth slowly fell in love with Jyoti. During Anjali’s birthday celebration, Abhay found Jyoti and the family was surprised to see it. He begged Niranjan to let him live with them. Aastha managed to get Abhay arrested.

Strange Love Full Story Starlife

Aastha studied the truth about the true nature of Niranjan and how he controlled Anjali to fulfill his wishes. Aastha and Anjali are both emotional when he accepts that Niranjan has helpless. Aastha promised Anjali that she would open Niranjan’s original nature and that she would erase the false impression that everyone had Anjali. Niranjan wanted Abhay to be released from prison and asked Anjali to make Jyoti sign the guarantee letters. Jyoti began to develop hatred towards his mother. When Niranjan managed to indirectly make Jyoti sign the guarantee letters, Abhay forced Jyoti to take him home. Anjali stopped from what happened and Niranjan was angry. However, Jyoti began to see the sweetness of Anjali. Abhay fake to act that he had changed, and Niranjan convinced Shlok that Jyoti had to go with Abhay. However, Abhay kidnapped Jyoti’s daughter, and Shlok beat him. After convincing my family, Siddharth and Jyoti finally got married.

Aastha tried to expose Niranjan’s true identity to Shlok several times but he did not believe him. Afraid that Aastha might succeed in exposing Niranjan, he began to make a misunderstanding between Shlok and Aastha. Aastha continues to blame Niranjan to control Anjali and do not take care of Jyoti. Accused of Aastha’s allegations, Shlok decided to divide the house and ordered Aastha to stay in one part of the house. Aastha joined Anjali after that she also blamed Niranjan because of cheating everyone. Jyoti witness Niranjan Badmouthing Anjali. He was destroyed to see the true nature of his father. He joined Anjali and Aastha and told Shlok that he was being cheated.

Immediately after, Shlok finally studied the truth about his father and broken-hearted. Shlok wore his mistake with Anjali and Aastha. He got emotional thinking about his past; It persecuted Anjali and his misunderstanding about Aastha. Shlok discussed Anjali as his mother and embraced him. They both become emotional. The next day, Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali left the Agnihotri mansion. Shlok and Aastha began to make a living by operating the food truck business and live simply. The absence of Shlok has Niranjan feeling lonely. He realized his mistake and regretted his actions.

Varad stupidly signed a contract with Indrajeet Sarkar and Agnihotri lost their business and home. Niranjan was desperate to find Shlok. When he met with Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali, he asked forgiveness and forgiveness. They recognize their property given to Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad also asked forgiveness for his stupidity and forgiveness. The Agnihotri family united living together in a small house. Agnihotri developed a plan to get their assets back from Sarkar.

Shlok and Aastha disguise themselves as Sapna and Balvankar Singh to get their lost assets; Aastha works as an assistant Indrajit and Shlok works as a caregiver of her children. They actually work together to have the power of a lawyer document. Finally, Shlok and Aastha managed to hold the paper. On the day they got everything back, Sarkar revealed the shocking truth to Agnihotri who made Anjali destroyed, and the whole family was surprised.

Shortly after, Anjali, Shlok, Aastha met in an accident where Shlok entered into a coma, Anjali died, and Aastha lost his memory. When Shlok woke up from a coma, he was destroyed after learning that Anjali died in the accident. He asked about Aastha where Varad said he lost. After a desperate search, Shlok finally met Aastha who could not recognize him, leaving a broken heart Shlok. It was revealed that Indrajeet took advantage of Aastha’s memory loss and took him believe that he was her husband. SHLOK began re-creating previous events so Aastha regained her memory, Angering Indrajeet. On their wedding day with Indrajeet, he had a kidnapped Shlok. Slowly considering his past, Mrs. Aastha, Kalindi, helped Aastha remember. Shlok managed to stop the marriage and save Aastha. Aastha likes to see Shlok. Indrajeet is captured. Shlok and Aastha adopted Indrajet children and live together.


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